Faux Fun 2: Before & After


Video Librarian July/August 1999

Faux Fun 2: Before and After

(1999) 70 Min. Faux Fun PPR. Color cover

Barbara Wurden's second video in the faux Fun series takes viewers through ten different techniques for decorating homes with paint and texture. Including before and after shots, Wurden demonstrates each off the steps clearly, while anticipating problems a beginner might have, and including suggestions for fixing the inevitable goofs. A time counter reference is provided to help the viewer fast forward to the "finish" they are interested in seeing. Although these types of videos generally tend to become outdated quickly as home decorating trends change, this video is worthwhile because the technique of creating a faux finish can be applied to other objects besides walls, including furniture, paper, floors, etc. A booklet is included with the video that summarizes the steps for each technique and list necessary supplies. Recommended, especially for those who already have the first tape and don't have similar fare. Aud: P. (L. Stevens)