Faux Fun: Rag and Sponge Painting Videos Review


Library Journal   Vol.128 NO.10(1993)

Faux Fun: Rag Painting 55 min.
Faux Fun: Sponge Painting 30 min.

Wurden-writer, producer, director, and star of these videos-Really knows her stuff. Giver her a plain painted wall, and she'll turn it into something truly stunning. Gone are the days when brush stroke-free walls were the goal; instead, various techniques can tun a wall into a work of art. In Rag Painting, Wurden shows how, with old white cotton T-shirts, you can learn to rag paint and create a marbleized wall or simulated leather look. Using sheets of plastic pressed to wet paint, Wurden demonstrated "frottage." All of these painting approaches are clearly described, including how to correct your mistake. Aside from Wurden
s annoying habit of saying "OK" at the end of every sentence, both of these videos will be excellent and affordable choices for any public library's home improvement collection. -Joan Greenberg, Upper Moreland Free P.L. Willow Grove, PA