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Video Librarian September/October 2005

Faux Fun: Painted Furniture Fun 3 1/2 out of 4 stars
(2005) 67min. DVD: $14.98. Faux Fun (avail. from most distributors). PPR. Color cover

This is exactly what home improvement how-to programs should aspire to: a clear demonstration of a project from start to finish without sending a frustrated viewer on a fourth trip to the hardware store. Writer, director, producer and onscreen host Barbara Wurden here shows viewers each piece of furniture in need of a makeover, explains the faux look she wants to achieve, and demonstrates how to prepare the surface for the specific finish she has in mind. Sharing her faux painting techniques-sponge, rag rolling, crackle paint, metallic finishing, sand texturing, and antique glazing to achieve striking effects and results-Wurden provides step-by-step instruction (also anticipating many beginners' boo-boos, and suggesting the perfect fix for each) on antiquing and refinishing a piano, dresser, table, headboard, and more. Although Wurden refers to her other DVD programs for related techniques and more detailed instruction, this program does stand alone. Nicely paced, with excellent detailed camerawork, this very affordable how-to is highly recommended. (Note: Sponge Painting, Rag Painting, and Kids' Rooms are also available on DVD.) Aud: P. (N. Plympton)