Faux Fun: Diamonds & Stripes Review

Booklist Vol.100 No.8 12/15/03

Diamond & Stripe Patterns: Everything you Need to Know for Painting Diamond & Striped Decorative Walls. Faux Fun. 2003 38min.

Instructor Barbara Wurden demonstrates the fine points of painting diamond and stripe faux finishes in the easy-to-follow program aimed a seasoned do-it-yourselfer. Wurden, armed with basic materials (tape, levels, brushes, rollers, paint) and loads of patience, walks viewers through four patterns: volume stripes, variegated stripes, floor-to-ceiling diamond, and upholstered diamonds Each segment begins with an on screen list of materials and explanation of the prepaint process, including plotting the design, measuring, and taping the pattern. With good camera angles and clear instruction, this newest entry in the Faux Fun series will be popular with home decorators. Other new titles show viewers how to create stonelike, fabriclike, and blended-color wall finishes. - Candace Smith