Barbara Wurden

Barbara Wurden, a creative professional, originally expresses herself in a variety of styles. She paints both fine art reflections and decorative techniques used to beautify homes. She also teaches how-to faux painting classes and has uniquely entertained with her comedy YouTube show. And now her gifts are expanding even farther into creating useful products dedicated to helping others.

Originally, Barbara’s creativity emerged through the expression of visual art forms in childhood and she dedicated her college years to the fine art of painting.

She paints portraits of human beings in different states of undress revealing their essences and individuality of spirit through the art of oil on canvas. They often mystify the viewer with their likeness to being alive as they embody the character of themselves. Her painted flowers have been created with uplifting colors and simplified forms. They expand across the surface of the canvas displaying beauty and vibrancy in their visual expressions by being painted as brilliant rays of light.

Her artistry even continued into a thirty-year career of beautifying homes. It’s in residential makeovers where she found her niche. With her ability of listening to the visual desires of her clients, she translates homeowner’s decorative visions into artistically painted surfaces that reflect their personal style.

Barbara, as a self-taught creative professional, also expanded into industrial video where she created her own production company. Faux Fun grew from a single VHS title into a comprehensive ten title DVD series sold worldwide. Her company marketed the instructional series into paint stores around the globe and locally into Home Depot.

After the onset of YouTube, Barbara’s production company changed from creating industrial video to producing entertainment video. She developed an over-sexualized character unlike any other host in the world of home improvement on YouTube. With the birth of The Handy Goddess and her can-do attitude, Barbara even surprised herself with just how much fun she could have by building the sexy character and her show.

Then, everything “business” changed in her life after the galactic alignment of 2012. It was at that time, Barbara realized she was being given the opportunity and the gift to construct a life of purpose for herself. So, she embraced the risk of entrepreneurship by inventing herself to a higher level and creating a product line that helps children and young adults live healthier more aware lives.